Music Theory and Composition classes

music theory

Music Theory

Music theory classes provide the necessary understanding for reading music within the context of all instrumental practice. Essential to deepening one’s understanding of music, these classes are offered to children starting their 2nd or 3rd year of instrumental classes. Beginning with Grade 1, children will progress through the grades using the Music Theory in Practice series published by ABRSM.

Meet your teacher Brian.

Young Composers classes at Portobello Music School

Young Composers

It is often thought that composing music can only be undertaken after studying music theory for many, many years, but this could not be further from the truth! Working in small groups (maximum of 8 to a class), the children will work at the keyboard and other instruments, including their own, to begin their investigations of basic compositional techniques by writing music using basic structures and forms, and simple music notation. As the year progresses, children will be encouraged to produce a little portfolio of compositions, some of which will be performed and recorded at the end of the year.

Meet your teacher Brian.

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