Katri Adair

Katri started her music studies in her home town of Rovaniemi, Finland at the Music Academy of Lapland. She has continued to study music through her life and completed her Kodaly and Colourstrings Training through Colourstrings and the Szilvay Foundation in Galway, Ireland. She has also taken courses Child Psychology and Education through the University of Jyväskylä and Jyväskylä Educational Consortium in Finland. She is currently completing her BA(Hons) at Edinburgh Napier University where her main study is voice.

Katri sings and plays in numerous groups and has been performing rock, world & traditional music and jazz around Scandinavia, Ireland and Scotland for over 10 years. She continues to write, record and perform as much as she can.

2010-2015 Katri worked in Maoin Cheoil na Gaillimhe Music School in Galway, Ireland teaching Colourstings and Musicianship classes, as well as teaching and co-writing a Kodaly based syllabus for music education in local primary schools. She has also been teaching private students voice, flute and piano for many years.

  • If I could have any superpower it would be Telekinesis!
  • The next instrument I'd like to learn is the cello.
  • My favourite children's book is: His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman.
  • 3 scoops of ice cream: Licorice, Pistachio and Irish Cream.
  • If I was an animal I would be a bat! I'd get both echolocation and to fly!

Katri teaches musicianship classes and choir

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