Rock & Pop Band Project

Mentored Rock & Pop Bands for 12-18 year old singers, electric guitarists, bassists, keyboard players and drummers (Grade 3+)

Rock & Pop Band Project

12-18 Years
1.30pm to 4.30pm

New for January 2020 is our exciting new mentored Rock & Pop Band Project.  The project offers weekly 45-minute mentored band sessions for 12 to18 year old singers, electric guitarists, bassists, keyboard players and drummers who have been playing for a few years and can play their instruments to a level of Grade 3 or above.

Some repertoire will be chosen by our mentors however we want to encourage band members to suggest songs to play and/or to have a go at creating original songs.

Our mentors are professional musicians with songwriting, performing and recording experience who are also active in the field of music education.

This term we will have 8 bands running weekly on Saturdays between 1.30pm and 4.30pm.  Session take place at the state-of-the-art music complex CRE:8, at Edinburgh College’s Milton Road Campus, which you can see here.

Enrolment details

To enrol, simply fill and an enrolment form then choose a band that has an opening for the instrument that you play.  Be sure to include details of your playing experience so that we can make sure you are in a band with musicians around the same level.  Spaces are limited however more bands will be added in the coming months.


Fees are paid termly in advance (dates will be confirmed once all bands are fully enrolled).  For non-music school members, sessions cost £12 per week and £7.50 per week for members currently receiving individual lessons at Portobello Music School.  If you would like to become a member then please get in touch and we will check availability for weekly lessons either before or after your band session time.

Please note that these sessions are NOT instrumental lessons so your parts will need to be learned at home and/or at your lesson with your teacher.  Band members will be expected to come prepared for each session so that you are ready to work on the songs as a band.


Weekly Session Fees (Dates to be confirmed)


Musical Pathway

These sessions are ideal for young people interested in developing skills in all areas of contemporary popular music therefore providing ideal preparation for further study in further or higher education.

More about Musical Pathways

No matter what age your child joins us, Portobello Music School will be able to provide a Musical Pathway to the next level whether it be from Toddler Music Classes to Preschool 1; Primary 2 to Beginner Group Instrumental Classes or from Advanced Group Instrumental Classes to part-time music studies at the junior music department of Royal Conservatoire of Scotland or to prepare for entry to full-time studies at universities or music colleges at home or abroad. Please see below for some examples of current and past students’ Musical Pathways.

Find our more about the Musical Pathways followed by some of our current and past students