What some of our musicians and parents have to say about Portobello Music School

Our daughter did two years in the creative music classes and now almost a full year instrumental class and musicianship. She loved all of it, and now we’re leaving the UK for another country, she will certainly miss Portobello Music School, the great teachers and the great atmosphere. I’m really surprised by how much she learned in such a short time, I guess the separate musicianship classes help a lot to speed things up in the instrumental class. I hope we can find a new music school for her in our new home that is as good as what she had here.
Peter, parent of piano pupil

My daughter, who is naturally quite reticent and a little reluctant to try something new, came out of the keyboard class and said ‘It’s amazing!’ She really enjoyed it and would love to go back.
Lyndsey, parent of creative music and keyboard pupils

Our little ones have now done one term in the pre-school creative class. They have both got a lot out of the small class activities and we are looking to booking again next term. Staff work very well with the children and it was a real thrill to see them perform in front of an audience at the end of term concert.
Ishbel, parent of two preschool creative music class pupils

Our youngest son has just completed his pre-school creative music course with a performance in the summer show. He has thoroughly enjoyed this year, and looks forward to every Saturday morning, where he has met with a whole new bunch of wee friends. The teacher and assistant got to know the children really quickly and have managed to sustain their interest throughout the year. He is forever singing his ‘music songs’ at home. Our only problem will be getting him to choose only one instrument later on…
Nuala, parent of preschool creative music class pupil

I would have to say that Lucy has found the music school to be a very positive experience and she really looks forward to coming along each week. Her progress with the guitar is now beginning to show through and that is definitely due to her teacher. The classes are just the right size to allow the children to be helped when needed and no one is over-looked.
Sandra, parent of guitar and composition pupil

I really think that every child should spend a year – if not more – learning the basics of music. My son started his 1st year [P1] in September and I am amazed at what he learned. Obviously he has learned songs and other matters related to music, but the thing that has impressed me the most is his sudden ability to listen. Even his nursery teachers have noticed it. I am convinced that he learned this skill through his music class. And his teacher is always smiling!
Anne, parent of guitar and Primary 1 creative music class pupil

My children have loved every minute at Portobello Music School and whenever we discuss anything musical Erin will always mention the school and her teachers. Sam loved the cacophony of musical noises and we all loved the cafe! We still play many of the games we learnt in class (Penguin song is a favourite…!). I genuinely believe that the year and a bit we have attended has had a permanent positive influence on their personal and social development.
Billy, parent of preschool and violin pupils

Our boys (5 and 3) really enjoy their time with you guys and love the lessons. We also appreciate the early morning coffee and papers at the music school café! Even after just 6 weeks this hour at Portobello Music School on Saturday morning is one of the highlights of our week as a family. Keep up the great work and the warm and friendly atmosphere that makes this time special.
Sue and David

Asked Erinn (nearly 4!) what she liked most about going to music school and she said it was playing the drums and the tambourine and seeing Clare the teacher. No mention of the cakes and juice afterwards but mum likes these!
Catherine, parent of preschool pupil

Daniel has been learning the violin for almost one year now, he enjoys it and we no longer need ear-plugs. The noises actually sound like music now! Nice small class with individual attention. Once that finishes he heads into the Choir to sing his heart out, which he REALLY enjoys! A fabby way to spend a Saturday morning. Bravo, to all involved!
Liz, parent of 1st year violin student and choir pupil